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Friday, March 11, 2016

Make at least 3$ to 5$ daily in a few minutes

So there are many apps that give you money for trying it, but today I will show you a really cool App that is better then any of them.

I'm going to be telling you how easy it is to make at least 3$-5$ daily, Paid by Paypal or many other gifts you may want.

So, this App is where they award you with points for downloading and trying apps and games.

Once you have enough of points, you can redeem it for money (PayPal) and many gift cards.
Yes, this method is legit and loads of recognised YouTubers use this service.

This method works for iOS and Android
Including BlueStacks

Basically, all you do is, download an app/game > use it for 2 minutes or more, get your points and delete the app.
I usually do this when I'm watching TV.

The trick is to use a VPN to get more offers.
I like to use This:    007-VPN 
and I swap between the US, UK and AU servers for the best offers.
There are other countries that you can use for more offers.

They offer the following gift cards:
PayPal payouts





It would help me so much if you guys would use my ref code: 3Q6XXX 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Instagram Bot NinjaGram

Welcome to NinjaGram, the world’s #1 Instagram bot. This proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work, SAVES you large amounts of time, gets you thousands of followers, and helps you generate more profit from this wildly popular image sharing website!
Scroll down on this page to take the FREE two hour trial.
NinjaGram comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 300 million active users. Our marketing software includes the following comprehensive features:

·         Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL, recent comments or likes.
·         Auto follow (you can also monitor a tag and like any users making new posts, thereby ensuring you are only following active accounts).
·         Auto unfollow (you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago or users who haven’t followed you back).
·         Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag search and like any new photos).
·         SUPERLIKE! Like targeted users’ last 5 photos. Extremely effective method to gain more followers.
·         Auto comment from a list of comments (spintax allowed).
·         Like a person’s most recent photo when following them.
·         Time delay feature to keep your account safe.
·         Blacklist
·         Proxy support
·         Import/export accounts from text file.
·         Image resizer
·         And more!!!

By the way, you get all of the bells and whistles you’re used to like regular software updates, support within 24 hours. Download our FREE 2 hour demo! Just enter your name and email below so we know where to send it.
Here’s what NinjaGram will do for you:
1) Get you thousands of followers on Instagram quickly on virtual auto-pilot.
2) Make you one of the most popular figures in your industry or niche
3) Get you an avalanche of qualified website traffic, recognition and exposure
4) Dramatically increase your product sales and profits.
5) Create an overwhelming presence on Instagram, which boosts your social proof and credibility.
Parte inferior do formulário
Below is a sample screenshot of how the main window. As you can see, there is a convenient option to run our Instagram bot in compact or browser mode.
Add caption

NinjaGram includes a free image resizer! This is an extremely simple but ideal too for resizing images to Instagram’s (or any other service’s) preferred dimensions.

NinjaGram is in NO WAY affiliated with By downloading the free demo or purchasing our product, you fully agree to abide by Instagram’s terms of service.

Get it Here: NinjaGram

Grow Your Youtube Channel Quicker Get 10 Subscribers a day free

Free YouTube marketing service designed to help you skyrocket your YouTube channel to the next level!

Key Features of Our Service

Offers an innovative network that allows you to receive 10 new and free YouTube subscribers every 24 hours! The service is free and includes some very affordable paid options for those who want even more daily subscribers.

Using to receive free YouTube subscribers is 100% safe for your YouTube account. You can feel confident knowing our network is safe to use and secure at all times.
Designed to be as simple as humanly possible! Your time is important and we understand that, so we developed the network to give you 10+ free YouTube subscribers for 30-60 seconds of your time.
When you activate a free or paid plan for your channel, you will see your channel’s subscriber count start growing that same day! Every plan starts working quickly to grow your channel’s credibility and exposure.
The network delivers 100% real and active accounts to your channel so you never have to worry about bots or getting into trouble with YouTube. It’s the safe and effective way to get more YouTube subscribers!
Our friendly team is here to help! If you have any questions or need help with anything, we’re just an email away. When you contact us, you can always expect a timely response.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Make Money With DailyMotion Boost you views

Making Money With DailyMotion + 247webhits + Ip-rotator

Earning with DailyMotion has grown really big over the last few weeks, and I want to show you the best way to do this. I am sharing some exclusive tweaks for everything, so make sure to read through everything carefully!

1. It is really simple to create your own channel on DailyMotion. Just visit their website:
And click on "Sign in" in the top right corner:

Put your Email and check "I want to create an account"

The next step is pretty simple, just fill everything the way you like it and click on "Create". I am going to create a channel to upload gameplays from a game called "Ori and the Blind Forest", so I chose a matching name: (And set your birth date to 18+)

You'll now see something like this:

So make sure to confirm your email address and also go ahead and change your profile picture. To do that, just go to your channels URL and click on "Edit" for the profile picture. Pick something matching your name, like I did:

Your title image will be generated automatically; you can leave it that way.

Next thing you want to do is upload some videos, so go ahead, maybe start with one video per day.

Now, you will have to monetize your channel. You can do that really simply by visiting your 
Settings page and clicking on "Enable Monetization. This window will appear:

Hit that checkbox and agree.
And that’s it! You should now see this on your Settings page:

You are now ready for the next step ;)

You will need to register on to use it. Click Here
You can now obtain your standalone surfing link from the dashboard:

You will need that later in this guide.

For DM traffic, you should set the traffic settings to 90-180 seconds, but hold on! Make sure to read the part about IP-Rotator first 

IP-Rotator is a really nice tool for earning with DM and YT. It is a free to use video rotator and hit trader with a nice feature: The unique IP. This feature will make sure that all your videos will only get views from unique IPs, therefore the amount of monetized views will be increased greatly.

Let's get started, register on IP-Rotator

Confirm your email (make sure to check your spam folder) and visit the "
Manage URLs" page and add all your videos. Here is the explanation of everything:

1 - The URL of your video
2 - A custom name, just for your reference
3 - Select ref (only Hidden Ref works for DM)
4 - Set the probability of the video (The higher the number, the more often your URL will be seen relative to your other URLs
5 - Limit per hour
6 - Advanced, you can group your links later on if you want to manage them in bulk

Once you added all your videos, you have to copy your personal link

and add it into 247WebHits. The link will be auto approved and you will be getting traffic.

This allows you to add as many videos as you want without having to buy more slots 

The best settings for 247Webhits are: 90-180 seconds.

Getting that traffic:

Got some 247webhits Points stacked up

Some earnings:

(You might see that the CPM is pretty low, but almost all views get counted as monetized ;))

DM finally paid January earnings


Have a nice day everyone and keep banking 
I'm really sorry if there are any typos or anything in this guide, just leave a comment if you run over something  
also feel free to leave comments about the guide itself!